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Company News


Colour@3x-100.jpgAs we continue to enhance both the depth of our Indirect Tax services and the range of support outside of Indirect Tax we can deliver, here’s your first sight of our new logo as the Indirect Tax Team within the emerging Xeinadin Group.

Whilst we’ve been a part of the Xeinadin Group for some years, this is the first external change that we’ve put into focus to enhance awareness of our ability to assist clients with much more than the Expert VAT services you’ve all come to value from us. With over 100 tax and accounting firms across the UK and Ireland coming together, Centurion is the only Indirect Tax team within that group and for us, at Centurion, it is the opportunity to broaden the support that we can deliver to our clients, as well as the opportunities for the growth of our own VAT and Environmental Tax support across that network, that appealed. To quote Ryunosuke Satoro:

“Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.”

We are part of the Xeinadin Group. The firm of the future!