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The Xeinadin Network is well known for the depth of Audit and Tax support that it’s member firm Elman Wall, provides to the Travel Sector across the UK and beyond – to find out more about this interesting area of expertise do visit the Xeinadin site.  The Travel sector has a range of particular VAT nuances within it and most important to note is that those VAT rules - the Tour Operators Margin Scheme (TOMS) have the ability to draw into their orbit any business that brings together accommodation and travel services to provide to others.

Centurion is therefore expanding its support to businesses within, and outside, the traditional Travel Industry with the support of Travel Industry VAT Specialist David Bennett. David joins us as a consultant who admits he finds the travel industry fascinating. Prior to being a part of the Xeinadin Elman Wall family, David was a partner in Saffery Champness and before that a Director at Deloitte. Travel VAT has been his working life for the last 30 years! So it’s great to have access to his depth of Travel VAT knowledge within our team.

Andrea Brindley leads the support we currently provide to Travel businesses across the UK – often these areas cover the day to day to VAT life – partial exemption and property management not just the VAT rules across the TOMS area, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with Andrea when VAT issues arise for you or your clients in this sector.


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