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Xeinadin – Centurion Indirect Tax: Our Journey


As our clients know Centurion VAT first began as a trading subsidiary of the University of Wales, Newport in 1998. The aim then, as it still is today, is to support our clients with the highest level of Indirect Tax professional expertise, giving organisations a real choice on where they can access that expertise outside of the ever-globalised Big Four providers. Over the decades on that journey today, you find us continuing to grow the services and support we can offer to our expanding client base.

As Indirect Tax experts, we support organisations across a wide range of sectors from businesses you would recognised as in the SME sector to large corporate companies, right across the spectrum to charities and public bodies. We’re also recognised for our work in specialist sectors such as Universities, Colleges, Housing Associations and charities and we’ve grown our Indirect Tax services to include Environmental Tax support as well.

To continue to broaden the support we, as Centurion, can offer our journey has led us to join the Xeinadin Group network. This brings the support of audit and tax practitioners across the UK and Ireland. It means that we can offer a well-rounded level of support including Direct Tax and Accounting comfort, when complex projects for our clients arise. We can offer access to VAT registration support in the EU, for example, through our Xeinadin colleagues based within Ireland – invaluable for those UK-based online businesses selling to consumers across the UK; we can advise clients on the Direct Tax implications of purchasing a company rather than buying the property. As competitive tenders increasingly bundle a range of needs together, we can continue to respond to those needs.

We’ve also been able to expand our areas of expertise – adding the Travel sector to the areas where we offer in-depth VAT technical experience through our association with David Bennett a highly regarded VAT specialist in the Travel Industry, to support our growing Travel client base.

As we continue in our journey, we thought some background on the way in which the Xeinadin Group aims to achieve would be helpful. Here’s a brief overview but if you would like to learn more do get in touch.

As you’ll have noticed our branding and logo will alter as we move forward but the Centurion name remains within that, as does our ethos to deliver the highest level of professional VAT and Environmental Tax expertise – just with more bits added!

What is Xeinadin all about?

As you may know, we are a part of Xeinadin Group, an exciting consolidation of over 100 independent accountancy firms and 1,600 business advisors across the UK and Ireland whose vision is to become the most trusted business advisory and accountancy practice across the UK and Ireland.

Xeinadin Group has debuted at number 18 in an influential league table of accountancy firms in the UK, you can learn more about it here.  We are delighted with this result and over the coming months, we have lots of exciting plans that we can’t wait to share with you. Our brand will be developing from where we are now to merge alongside Xeinadin Group in line with the group’s goals and ambitions which are centred around retaining our locally forged approach and client relationships.

These changes will help everyone to better understand who we are as a collaborative international group that is built upon locally forged and trusted relationships.

Keep an eye out for changes to:

  • Our logo
  • Our stationary
  • Our signage
  • Our website
  • Our documentation
  • And so much more!

How do you say “Xeinadin”?

We’ve heard a lot of interesting pronunciations! The correct one to use is “zen-adin”.

How is Xeinadin Group different?

Xeinadin believes in acting with fairness, integrity and professionalism. Our success arises from our drive to help you to achieve your goals and dreams. Xeinadin is portrayed as trusted advisors, forward thinkers and as such we must deliver what you want from us both now and in the future. The evidence from numerous surveys is that clients like you want a relationship of trust with a ‘business partner’ who is committed to helping them achieve their goals and dreams.

How does this make Xeinadin different from the other accountancy groups?

We believe there are three key elements:

1. The group presents ourselves as business advisors first and accountants second.

2. The group is innovative – being at the forefront of technology to leverage the skills, strengths and expertise of the group. Providing value and finance-based technology solutions for you, our clients.

3. Although we have access to the expertise of the whole group, the principal contact will always remain as it is – local - so you always deal directly with the people you have come to know and trust.

Collaborate and Innovate with ‘The firm of the future’.

The Xeinadin Group has built a local presence which enables us to build and maintain established local relationships where we can challenge and inspire you with personalised business advice and support. Our Hub structure allows us to provide a wide range of business advisory and accountancy services, drawing on specialist expertise (such as VAT and Environmental Tax support) from across the group to cater to your every need. Take a look at our Hubs and Regional Offices network below.

How does Centurion VAT fit into the Xeinadin Network?

Centurion sits as the Indirect Tax Team within Xeinadin – hence our new logo:  


In the world of logos all things have a meaning so:

What does the Xeinadin Group Logo mean?


We are tying everything together in a circle. This is how the collaboration between the firms, you (our clients) and our surroundings is symbolised.

Future focused

We use a clean futuristic font and expressive, vibrant blue and orange colours.


You see this visualised in the logo, two people joining forces and shaking hands.


It’s not just a handshake, it’s also an X! It represents innovation, with the stylised X using unusual and recognisable shapes.

For us, at Centurion one of the appeals of working within Xeinadin is the approach is so allied to our own for trusted service delivery delivered by experts interested in the issues that you face and the journey that your organisation is on.

The Xeinadin Group Hub Firms

Xeinadin Group’s member firms are grouped into regions, and these regions are supported by a Hub firm. These Hubs have been put in place to work together and to guide and support our regional firms. Each Hub firm is led by a Hub director who is responsible to lead the region's efforts in line with Xeinadin Groups mission, vision and values. Centurion sits within the Wales and the South West Hub by geography but as the Indirect Tax service line we work across all the UK firms and connect with our VAT colleagues within the Irish Hubs to expand the help we can offer to clients.

The Hubs are the beacons of the Xeinadin Group brand and support all local firms in their region with advice, support and inspiration as we move forward with the Group’s vision to be the most trusted business advisory and accountancy group in the UK and Ireland.

A message from Neil Ballard, the leader responsible for dreaming up our HUB structure and operations...

“Our Hub firms are key to the success of enabling the direction of the Group to become a reality.

The Hubs not only support the internal operations of the Group, but they are also key to retaining the regional client relationships that all our firms have worked hard to forge in their local areas.”

If you want to know more about our Xeinadin Hub firms, discover them and visit their websites below!

Firm Region Website

BCC Accountants Ltd Leinster North

Cobham Murphy Liverpool

Crowley & McCarthy Clonakilty

Elman Wall Limited London Central

GCSD Accountants Ltd Bristol and South West

Hallidays Group Limited Manchester South

Kay Johnson Gee Ltd Manchester Central and North

Lewis Ballard BBB Ltd South Wales

McLintocks (NW) Ltd Chester/Wrexham/Crewe

Tish Leibovitch Ltd South East

Tudor John Ltd London South

Tynan Dillon Leinster South

Williams Giles Professional Services Ltd South East

X5 Chartered Accountants Eastbourne


We are part of the Xeinadin Group. The firm of the future!